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Data Protection

Privacy Notice

Bishopdown Evangelical Church is committed to protecting personal data and respecting the rights of our data subjects; the people whose personal data we collect and use. We value the personal information entrusted to us and we respect that trust by complying with all relevant laws, and adopting good practice.

Under UK General Data Protection legislation the church Charity Trustees of Bishopdown Evangelical Church are the Data Controller, and Andrew Morrow acts as our Data Protection Officer.

Why do we collect information?
We collect your personal data to help us: We use your information we hold to contact you and send you communications regarding our activities; to provide pastoral care and ensure the safety of your children while they are in our care. We are committed to complying with the law regarding data sharing and we do not share your information with others, except as described in this notice. We send information about our events and activities by e-mail, SMS, telephone and by post.

Storing your data
We hold data for varying lengths of time depending on the type of information and reason for keeping it. The data in question will always be kept in a manner which complies with the Data Protection legislation.

Who do we share you information with?
The information you give will only be shared with the leaders of the groups to which you are attached in the church eg: Noah's Ark, Lions Club, Kings Club, Lighthouse and Tuesday Lunch leaders who may need to contact you regarding the running of the group. This information will be kept for one year after our last contact with you (with the exception of the children's groups where we will hold it for up to five years in order to inform you of the other children's clubs or events we hold), or until you ask to be removed from the list. All leaders of the respective groups are aware of Data Protection legislation and will comply with it. We will not share your information with any other third parties.

Requesting access to your personal data
Under Data Protection legislation you have the right to ask to see the information we hold about you. You also have the right to ask for information you believe to be incorrect to be rectified. To make a request to see your personal information contact You also have the right to ask us to remove your details from our records at any stage by contacting us at

If you are concerned about the way your information is being handled please speak to our Data Protection Officer. If you are still unhappy you have the right to complain to the Information Commissioner's Office.

Contact: Data Protection Officer via