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Gavin Walker; 22nd November 2009

Psalm 58 (Our apologies; there is no recording of this sermon)

Am I Bovvered?

A Summary of the Psalm: What we can learn from the Psalm:
  1. God's hatred of injustice and oppression
    • Do we hate injustice and oppression? Are we bothered?
    • Do we pray for those facing persecution or injustice?
  2. The reliance of the psalmist on God in difficult circumstances
    • Do we turn to God first when we face troubles, or when we hear of the troubles of others?
  3. We can pray this prayer when:
    • we or others are in the position of the psalmist praying this psalm;
    • there is no other solution that we can see;
    • our conscience is clear;
    • our hearts aren't vindictive and wanting revenge;
    • we can leave the situation to God ultimately;
    • we also pray for the conversion of those we are praying about.
Psalm 58:10, "Surely there is a God who judges the earth."