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What we believe

The Christian Church has always stood out because of its beliefs. Our beliefs form the foundation for everything we seek to do as a Church. They bind us together and without them we are not a Church. Whilst we accept that sincere Christian people differ on many matters of secondary importance, without agreement upon basic beliefs there can be no meaningful fellowship between individual believers or Churches. As a Church, we believe and teach the following things as fundamental.

1. What we believe about the Bible
God has revealed Himself to us in the Bible (the 66 books which make up our Old and New Testaments). The whole Bible is inspired by God and is entirely trustworthy. The authority of the Bible comes before any other authority in determining what we believe and how we conduct ourselves.

2. What we believe about God
God is one being but also three persons who are equally God : Father, Son and Holy Spirit. God governs everything and does what He deems right. It has pleased God to create all things and to rule over them, to reveal Himself to humankind, and to reconcile people to Himself. God will judge all people at the end of time.

3. What we believe about Humanity
The human race has a spiritually and morally flawed nature, inherited from the first man and woman who, although created good, rebelled against God. As a result, all people without exception or distinction deserve to be judged and condemned by God. They need, therefore, to be reconciled to Him.

4. What we believe about Jesus Christ
God the Son is, and always has been, truly God. He was born miraculously of the virgin Mary as the man Jesus Christ and was fully human. He lived a sinless life, spoke the infallible truth from God and performed many miracles. He suffered arrest, false accusation and execution by crucifixion. He was raised bodily back to life, ascended to heaven and lives forever in the presence of God the Father, where He prays continually for His people.

5. What we believe about Salvation
The death of Jesus Christ was a sacrifice to pay the price for the guilt of humankind. It is the only means by which men and women can be reconciled to God and saved from His judgement and condemnation. It is completely sufficient in itself, and people are declared right before God solely through this means if they put their faith in Jesus Christ, by God's generous forgiveness.

6. What we believe about the Holy Spirit
God the Holy Spirit enables us to understand and believe God's truth. He gives the Christian new life and lives in him, making him increasingly like Christ. The Holy Spirit bestows gifts and abilities upon Christians, to be used for the glory of God and the building up of the Church.

7. What we believe about the Church
There is one Church made up of those of all ages and in all places whom God has saved through Jesus Christ. They alone form the true Church, the body of Christ. They are all equally priests to God, having the same right of access to God in prayer and sharing the same commission to proclaim the Christian message throughout the world. Local Churches are miniature expressions of this one true Church.

8. What we believe about Baptism and the Lord's Supper
The Lord Jesus has given two ordinances to His Church: Baptism and the Lord's Supper. In baptism, those who have professed faith in Christ are immersed in water as a public declaration of their allegiance to Him (see note below). In the Lord's Supper, the atoning death of Christ is remembered and proclaimed as the Church shares together in the simple meal He instituted.

9. What we believe about the Return of Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ will return to this world personally, in power and glory, and in such a way that all people will see.

10. What we believe about the Afterlife
At the end of the age, all people will be raised bodily to life and will be judged by Jesus Christ. Those right before God will enter perfect happiness forever in God's presence. Those condemned will suffer everlasting loss, cast out from the presence of God.

Note: Membership of the church is upon profession of faith in Christ and all members are encouraged to consider baptism by immersion as an expression of their faith. However, baptism is an issue that Bible believing Christians differ on. Whilst the church teaches believer's baptism, Christians with differing views on baptism, but who recognise that baptism does not regenerate, play a full part in our church fellowship.